Live Diamond
Live Diamond bracelets are perfect for celebrating the brilliance and beauty of diamonds.


Precious and versatile, Live Diamond bracelets are created to celebrate special occasions.

Made with 100% recycled gold and embellished with lab-grown diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, they give us the emotions of a precious piece of jewellery that fully respects nature. Pieces waiting to be discovered, from the most delicate to the richest in detail, which combine different lines, colours and carats.

Because there are moments that deserve to be remembered in a special way.

The perfection of white gold circles, the informal sophistication of tennis bracelets and the delicateness of a thin chain that wraps around your wrist: perfect items for falling in love with the beauty of diamonds.

Each bracelet is available in white and yellow gold and various carat weights. Higher carat weights and pieces that differ from those in the catalogue are produced in four weeks.

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