Live Diamond
The perfect combination of diamonds and white gold to brighten your face and make the most special moments precious.


There is nothing more special than Live Diamond earrings to brighten one’s face.

Made with 100% recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds and precious stones, these pieces combine simplicity and elegance: everything you need to make those you love sparkle.

Made while respecting the environment around us, they are precious for us but also for nature: an element that will make them even more cherished as gifts. Discover them in many different models and carats, perfect for celebrating the most precious moments.

Iconic pieces that are unforgettable thanks to the diamonds and 100% recycled gold. Live Diamond earrings brighten the face with fine and balanced lines: the circle, the trilogy and solitaire on the lobe are a must in modern jewellery.

Every occasion wants its own diamond. Live Diamond earrings are available in different carats and in yellow and white gold. Higher carats and additional pieces can be produced in four weeks.

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