Live Diamond

It all starts with a “seed”, a thin layer of mined diamond. This precious fragment is placed in a high-pressure chamber. “Choose love for you and our planet”

Precious Stones Stones obtained thanks to a socially responsible process, but with the same properties and beauty of traditional stones.

IGI CERTIFICATION The International Gemological Institute is a first-class laboratory for the assessment of precious stones: the best guarantee for ensuring the quality of our stones.

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Live Diamond
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The Live Diamond

The miracle that nature achieves over thousands of years is recreated by people over a much shorter time with Live Diamonds. Our diamonds have a special story that start with a “seed”. Just like in a greenhouse, the seed is grown in the laboratory until it reaches the required carats. In this way, Live Diamonds are born, with the same clarity, purity and carats of a traditional diamond, but by using a socially responsible process.

Created to celebrate our most precious moments


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