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Diamond guide
Every diamond is unique, no two are the same. But we have some parameters that help us establish their value and quality. These are known as the 4Cs: cut, clarity, colour and carat.

The 4Cs of diamonds:

 Like every diamond, lab-grown diamonds are also evaluated according to these 4 criteria. Knowing them will help you understand which stone best suits your needs. 

Diamond guide


Cut is what gives the rough stone its shape and personality, transforming it into the final diamond. 

This work is a true art, where creating the perfect balance of angles, proportions and symmetries is required. The cut is what allows the light to best reflect on the surface of the diamond: the more faceted the cut, the more the stone will shine.

Live Diamond diamonds and gemstones are all cut and polished by hand and come in two types, brilliant and baguette.

The baguette cut has 25 facets and a rectangular shape: simple and tapered, it’s one of the most iconic and recognisable cuts. The round brilliant cut has 57 facets and is the one that most enhances the stone's lustre.


Clarity indicates the transparency and homogeneity of a cut diamond.

During its formation, both in nature and lab, imperfections invisible to the eye are created, known as inclusions.

The fewer there are, the more brilliant the diamond will appear. At the same time, inclusions are what make the diamond unique, a bit like a fingerprint. Live Diamonds have a minimum clarity of SI (Small Inclusions). 

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